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There are fascinating forms of the Minnan language like couplets and two-part allegorical sayings. In reading, they demonstrate the beauty of rhythm and temperament. They are also commonly seen in folk arts like song chanting, Taiwanese opera, and puppet show. These are the words derived from life, dear to the ears of yours and mine, that constitute precious cultural heritage. Those words are presented in short, witty, fun sentences rich in ancestors’ life wisdom, meaningful and philosophical. Priceless values of life are passed down along with these words from generation to generation.

The Minnan population in Taoyuan exceeds one million while the mother tongues spoken by our commoners are our valuable cultural heritage. Now that it is essential for us to facilitate the Minnan language in taking root, the contents commonly seen are thus presented in a lively, interesting picture book. This book is our best companion on the journey of Taiwanese learning, perfect for readers in all ages. In addition to the publication in hardcopy, the content of the picture book is available online for the public to download for multiple applications. With the picture book in hardcopy and the digital resources of audio/video online combined, we endeavor to revitalize the profound culture of the Minnan language. Let us exchange with each other in the everyday local tongue and savor life together.