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A Trip to the Kaizhang Shengwang Temple

文 | 黃子彥
圖 | 黃子彥





He tables were all covered with offerings. There were veggie pigs made of string noodles and sachima (caramel treats) other than the regular offerings. Those veggie pigs looked so real, and they were not scary at all.
“Grandma, look! These pigs made of sachima are so cute!”
“Yes. You may take some home to eat later. That will keep you safe!”

北管樂團佇廟埕演奏,阿公指一个樂師講:「光仔,你看,彼个是樂隊的指揮,號做「頭手鼓」,伊倒手攑拍板,正手摃班鼓,負責掌握規个樂隊的節奏,「頭手鼓」邊仔是『「二手鼓」,伊摃的鼓號做「通鼓」,佮「頭手鼓」互相配合, 兩个人著愛足鬥搭。」

The north tube band was playing at the square in front of the temple. Grandpa pointed at one of the musicians and told me, “Ah-Guang, look at the conductor of the band, he is called the first drummer. He has a clap in his left hand and Ban Drum on his right hand; he is in charge of the rhythm of the whole band. The musician next to him is the second drummer. The drum he has is called Tong Drum; his rhythm matches with the first drummer, and they play their music in sync.”
“Wow! Grandpa, how do you know so much?”
“That’s because grandpa used to be a member of the north tube band.” Grandpa said with great pride.

彼當時的皇帝──唐高宗接著泉州和潮州地方糾察官的緊急通知,講當地的山越人當咧起反亂, 唐高宗隨派歸德將軍──陳政前往當地平定反亂。陳政有一个十三歲的後生,嘛綴老爸去閩南,啊這个十三歲的少年家,就是這馬予人尊稱做守護神的開漳聖王陳元光啦!

In 669, south Fukien was an area lack of management and fell behind other places. The mountain tribal people confronted with the Han tribe all the time.
The emperor at the time, Tang Gao-zong, received an emergency letter from the Quanzhou and Chaozhou governors, that the local mountain tribal people were leading a rebellion. Tang Gao-zong sent the Gui-de General at the time Chen Zheng to put down the insurrection. Chen’s 13-year-old son followed him to Minnan. His son’s name was Chen Yuanguang, and he became the guardian god Kaizhang Shengwang who people worship today.

朝廷收著消息了後,趕緊派陳政 蹛故鄉的大兄陳敏和二兄陳敷,前往九龍山想辦法解救受困的唐軍,陳政七十四歲的老母魏敬夫人嘛堅持欲鬥陣去救後生。救援的軍隊趕來到九龍山,兩隊人馬合力對抗大仔大陣的山越軍,唐軍 終其尾突破包圍,脫離困境。

When the emperor received the message, he sent Chen Zhengs two elder brothers Chen Min and Chen Fu to save Chen Zheng and his troops that were trapped at the Jiulong Mountain. Their mother Madam Wei Jing was 74 years old at the time, and she insisted on going along to save her son. When the rescuing army arrived at Jiulong Mountain, the two armies fought together against the mountain tribal people. Tang troops finally were able to break through the enemy’s line and get out of the situation of being surrounded.



Flying Holy Palanquin
“Dong, Dong, Dong!” Hear the drum.
The god is coming! He will solve problems for everyone!Holy palanquin spins and spins, till the bearers of the palanquin start flying.

Crossing Fire
Bearers carry the holy palanquin, step over the burning gold paper,The god shows his divinity, burns away the bad luck for people.